Monday, June 9, 2014

Final Post

My overall opinion and view of 20 time from class is that it was affective sometimes and sometimes it wasn't. In class, for a lot of the projects you couldn't get any actual work done on it so in class, work wasn't that affective. I found that I always needed advice and sometimes the best mentor for the project was Mr. Provenzano himself because he is the person who knew the project the best so maybe next year, there could be meetings for each students every other week or even just every month with him just to check up.

 I think the blog posts were a really good ideas and should stay next year because they were really affective for me when it came time to write my speech. I got to look back at everything I did, and all my thoughts I was thinking during this project and that really helped when I didn't know what to say in my speech.

This is a really good project for students to experience but maybe not for everyone just yet. Some kids may not be ready for a responsibility like this. It would be a great class to take but maybe there could be some sort of introduction to the idea of it and more planning to a project this big.

My advice to future students doing this project is have fun! There is not another opportunity like this project in the future of high school and this is their chance to work on something they really love so have fun with it. I took this project seriously and still had fun with it so it is possible to have a good time while on a more serious note.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Post 24

There are two days left before our speech and I am incredibly nervous. We have everything ready to talk about but at the same time I feel like I am not prepared. I have practiced by myself only and I haven't practiced with Elysse and I feel like we won't be transitional with who talks when.

I really really want to do well because all of the speeches that I have seen so far have been really good and I hope ours can compare. Although I am worried and nervous I have a strong feeling that eveything will be ok and that we will do fine.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Post 22

These past two weeks have been really stressful because Elysse and I have everything done we just need to make the shirts with the company we found but they haven't been returning our calls. The tags are finished, the designs are finished, and the quotes are done. Everything is finished to make the final product but the final product is not done. I know we will not get our goal by the end, its simply not possible. This doesn't mean we will abandon it, we made a goal and we want to reach it. We will for sure continue this project even after this year because we really realized the most fun part of it, this is that we can give back to society through artistic passion and inspiration.

Our speech isn't finished yet but Elysse and I will for sure work on it Wednesday and Thursday because we haven't yet gotten the chance to work on it together. I don't feel confident yet in the speech, but I know it will turn out great when we are done and once we work on it together.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Break

So before spring break, Elysse and I pretty much finalized everything and we are so close to completing things. We are getting this shirts made within the next two weeks and they will be done within days after sending the designs in. Just a recap, we have been working on three shirt designs and they are all done including our different quotes we made in the backs.

During break, we were both out of town and we really just had time to relax and not worry. I am really confident with our work and I hope the shirts do well. My only worry is profit and if we will reach a good amount by the time of our speeches.

Our speech I think will be fine because I started to work on a brief outline of it and what some of our important key points and supporting factors are. I hope that we can get a lot accomplished this next week though with the speech.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Post 21

This past week, Elysse and i have actually become situated and most of the confusion was situated. Just a  re-cap from 2 weeks ago, we actually get to use our own design for the t-shirts with the company we are using to make the t-shirts. We decided on 3 different designs one a skyline, one the original design, and the other is still to be determined. We split responsibilities and Elysse is doing most of the actual design, and I am making/fining 3 separate quotes for the back of the t-shirts. I am also making the tags for the shirts.

We hope to turn in all the final design and lay out by the end of the week because time is winding down to the speech. And speaking of the speech, we decided our main point of the talk we be about how working with each other has become a project of its own since that has been a large part of our experience and time doing this project. We also have supporting points to it like how working with one another isn't really taught in school and how we have really benefited from this project. Also how it can help for future experiences in our lives.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Big Decisions

This week, Elysse and I probably one of the most important decisions of the project so far. Since we haven't been very successful with making time to individually make each t-shirt ourselves, we made the decision to make the shirts online. We made this decision with the idea of only wanting to make as much profit as possible because although we wanted this project to be a little more artistic, our most important reason for doing this project was to make money for charity and give back. We have very little time for this project left and now we just need to start selling the t-shirts. We may incorporate some of  our original designs on the t-shirt, we just need to find a website that will allow us to do that.

Since we made this decision, one of the most important things I have been thinking about is our speech and I think I have a rough idea of the major points that will be addressed. These are some of my ideas:

  • Address the full ideas of the original project
  • Time management 
  • Working together 
  • The real importance of this project
  • We we did and thought what we did and thought
  • How this project(as in the whole idea of 20-time) can be done by anyone 
I have a few other things too but they are more side notes to these. 

This week we will plan the t-shirts and find a trustworthy and easy website to make the t-shirts we hope to have the shirts all done and ready to sell by late April- early May but early would of ofcourse be the best.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Post 19

This week was a little misleading because I thought I wasn't going to be busy at all, but once again everything piled up and on top of everything, I had an 5-6 page essay to write which was very time consuming. It's been a really stressful last week because I had to turn in several projects and got assigned more projects. I just wish I could just get it all down at once so then it would be all done with. But everything has been spread out so there is something new to worry about.

I don't even think I had time to think last week because of everything that has been going on. I am just praying now that this week will be less crowded and I will get just a few hours to warm on 20 time. So far nothing is planned for this week except a spanish project due next monday, but that's about it. I really hope one day this weekend will workout and I hope Elysse is free too.

I think today I will write out everything that I have to do and when it is due so then I know when I have time for 20 time. I will talk to Elysse about this too and maybe there will be time this weekend.

It just always seems like every year, March is one of the busiest months because there are no breaks and it's the middle of the school year so teachers give you more work. I just hope i will get to take an advantage of this month though because I have no sports going on right now so I will have no practice or games to worry about.