Monday, January 27, 2014

Midterms week

This week, Elysse and I didn't do much that was very constructive for our project but we did start to come up with ideas for our presentation. We decided that we are going to talk about how it was a good idea to work with eachother for this project because we learned how to work with others and how we assigned certain jobs to eachother. How we had to depend on eachother sometimes. This is important because in the future when we have jobs, we will have to learn how to work with our work associates and bosses or business partners, people like that.  This project taught us that even though we had each other to depend on for certain things  it kinda was a hardship of ours too. We do believe though that in our speech  we will feel more confident on stage knowing we have each other.

Our  other aspect is  how we  learned  how these specific things  work in the real world and what exactly we had to do in order to possibly be successful. Our mentors have a lot of experience in the buisness world of selling products and gaining  attention from buyers, things like that. These aspects of their advice and lives help us learn what makes a buisness  successful and worthy.

The last idea we thought of was how important this project is because ours in specific has a slight impact on real things. Since our profits go toward charity we know how important it is to be successful in our buisness and selling of the t-shirts.

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  1. Hi Olivia!
    I was really fascinated with your writing on working with others in the business industry. I have to agree with what you said and that collaboration is key when working with others. Knowing that each other is there to support you makes it easier. Communication is another huge factor when collaborating with others. Whenever I have the opportunity to collaborate with others on projects I take it because it makes me feel better to have someone there to help me through it. Last semester I had to teach to actual students for my very first time. I was extremely nervous, but I had a partner to help me through it. I liked having someone there because we were able to bounce back different ideas and ways to help make our lessons stronger when teaching. You will come far in life if you are able to acquire good collaboration skills, which you clearly have! Good for you and I can’t wait to read your next post.