Monday, February 3, 2014


This week was really busy for Elysse and I but we got to go to Chicago with our hockey team for a team trip! It was super fun and there was also so much inspiration in the city for designs and labels for upcoming t-shirts. We had so much fun and it was a great bonding experience too. Elysse and I discussed how beautiful the skyline was and how it would be cool to incorporate that into some of our t-shirt designs. I did try to sketch in some designs but I didn't really have time though. Elysse and I will for sure get some in this week though.

We have yet to have another t-shirt making session and I hope it will be in the next coming week but I am not sure yet because we have another very busy weekend with hockey games and homework but we can try to fit it in. In Friday 2o time though, we plan on more designs and maybe another instagram post.

This weekend was really great for Elysse and I and we were inspired by a lot of things in the city nad hopefully we can incorporate these ideas to our design and overall company because I really like this new idea.

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  1. Hi Olivia!
    It's great that you guys have been collaborating together and have been working at coming up with ideas! Getting a little big of inspiration like that when you're not expecting it is the best! I have found myself getting inspiration from various projects when I take some time for myself and relax and do something fun. I am very excited to see some designs. If you ever need anyone's opinion, feel free to ask me! I'll be happy to help you anytime. Hopefully you and Elysse will get some time to work together to come up with some designs, but trust me I know how busy schedules can be. I'm excited to read more next week!