Monday, February 24, 2014

Mid Winter Break

During break, I actually did have a lot of inspiration from the scenery and feelings around me. Being in Florida, you can only imagine the colors and different things around you. The ocean and all the animals really inspired me to make a more be achy theme but there can still be other editions too. Like when Elysse and I went to Chicago, we wanted to do a skyline on the shirts. This weekend hopefully we can get some more work time in because I know we could have some time on Saturday and possibly Friday night.

Over break I also thought of other things to incorporate in outr speech and I have begun to write some of these ideas in my Evernote notebook. This project has had me think about a lot of different things including what I could possibly be doing one day for my occupation. I ofcourse haven't come to a conclusion but I certainly have researched and found some things I think are interesting and theyin a way do tie into this project. I will explain this next week when I finish these ideas in my notebook.

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  1. Hi Olivia!
    I absoultely love going to Florida! I have family down there and visit every summer. The weather and scenery is wonderful! I'm glad to hear that you had a lot of inspiration from your visit to help you! It's great that you are reflective in your notebook and that it has sparked an interest of what you want to do later on in life! I'm graduating next year from college and still have mixed emotions of what I want to do. I always like to keep in mind, "That everything happens for a reason." Can't wait to read more and see your progress!