Monday, February 10, 2014

Post 16

Another busy week passed by and we weren't able to get much done. It has been extremely hard lately but I think we will be ok. After mid winter break I think things will get back to normal and our work will continue.

We have a lot of places we can sell to and I think that is what will help us. One of these include selling some to our hockey team and that will be a good project to work on over break. we also have been talking with our mentors lately and they have been giving us some really good advice. They have told us things like how important the speech will be and have given us some very important pointers. We haven't started the speech yet but I think it will be just fine because we still have a lot of time but I certainly have been thinking about it.

We haven't been very active on the Instagram but hopefully over break there will be a few pictures up. They will probably be of things that inspire us for our design especially since Elysse and I will be somewhere warm.

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  1. Hi Olivia!

    I know it can be hard scheduling things when you're so busy. I always find I need to work on this myself. It's nice that you are able to have a mid winter break though and can think about where your project is heading. Sometimes we all need to clear our head and come back fresh with ideas and such. I think that it is fantastic that you have a lot of places lined up to sell your t-shirts! I really like that you have an instragram to help promote your project! I'm very excited to read your next blog and see if you have come up with some pictures for your design!